How Do You Know If You Should Retake Your A-Levels?

Every student planning to enter university needs to satisfy several requirements, including satisfactory A-Level scores. Good A-Level scores ensure that students can choose the subjects that interest them. Moreover, it is a step closer to the goal they want to achieve. Several careers require a person to have a relevant university degree.

However, your scores may differ from those you expected, even if you know you tried your best. But you do not have to worry because A Level retakes are possible, and others are doing it. Moreover, many universities accept students who had to retake their A-Levels.

It is disappointing that you did not get the scores you wanted. So, the next step to do is to look at your options. First, you can go through Clearing. However, this could mean picking another course. You can also stay in school and retake the course.

Circumstances when you need to take your A-Levels

You do not need to panic if you did not get the expected A-Level results the first time because you can retake it. Instead, you need to assess your situation and review why you got disappointing results.

1. You have a goal

You should consider retaking your A-Levels if you want to enter the university of your choice and the course you desire. If you do not retake your A-Levels and still wish to enrol in a university, your option is to go through Clearing. However, if you want to use Clearing, you only have a few course choices. And the universities or colleges that have vacancies may be different from the institution in your list.

2. Your choice of college and course are non-negotiable

If you are adamant about the specific course you want, and your A-Level scores fail to meet the requirements, you should consider a retake. You need to improve your scores. First, however, you should check with the university or college you want to enter if it will accept students who retake their A-Levels. For example, you need higher scores if you are set to pursue a degree in engineering, medicine, or the law.

3. You have extenuating circumstances

You might have good reasons for your A-Level scores being lower than expected. But you should also check if you can still get your paper re-marked. Getting your test paper re-marked is possible if you are near the grade boundary. For example, if there are only a few points between B and A, use this option as it is possible to raise the score. Moreover, you can also have the paper re-marked if you think the examiner made a mistake. The occurrence does happen, and if you feel that you did well in the exam and believe you do not deserve the grade you got, speak to the teacher if requesting a re-mark is a good option.

You should check carefully if you need to retake your A-Levels. Since the results affect your pursuit of higher education and eventual career, ensure that you make an effort to achieve your goals.

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