Everything you Need to Know About a London Pass

The London Pass is a great way to explore London and enjoy the best of London. The pass gives you unlimited access to many attractions and discounts on top sights. It also comes with a handy pocket guide with maps and details of every attraction in the city. 

The London pass is an excellent deal for tourists and residents of London. It’s easy to use and gives you flexibility. With the pass, you will also find it easy to pay for serviced short stay apartments in London, as it allows you to save money. Read on to learn more about the London Pass. 

What Does the London Pass Offer? 

The London pass is the best way to know and enjoy the beauty of London. It works daily, allowing you to visit as many attraction sites in London as possible. The pass is available in varieties of 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6, 7, and 10 days. So, if you choose a 4-day pass, you will use the pass for four consecutive days. 

Some of the perks of the London pass include allows you to save money, offers easy entry, it comes with a guidebook, is easily downloadable on your mobile device, and allows you to visit many attractions in London. Some of the tourist attraction sites included in the pass are; 

  • Windsor Castle: £26.50 
  • Westminster Abbey: £25.00 
  • Thames River Boat Cruise: £21.00 
  • The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace: £17.00 
  • London Zoo: £38.00, etc. 
London zoo

How Much Does the London Pass Cost? 

The London Pass has various pricing options, mainly based on how long you plan to stay. Here are the current London Pass pricing options; 

London Passes Available Adult Price Children (Ages 5 to 15) Price 
1-day Pass £89 £55 
2-day Pass £115 £75 
3-day Pass £135 £89 
4-day Pass £155 £99 
5-day Pass £169 £109 
6-day Pass £179 £115 
7-day Pass £185 £120 
10-day Pass £199 £129 

It is always important to compare pricing to see which options will allow you to save money. If you do not find the London pass that suits your budget or price expectations, you can always try the following; 

  • Timeout card London 
  • London city pass 
  • The explorer pass 
  • London Sightseeing pass, etc. 

Where Can I Get the London Pass? 

The London pass can be easily purchased on the London Pass by Go City. Once purchased, it can be shown on the London Pass mobile app or printed at home. The best part is that you can purchase London pass without travel or purchase it with an Oyster card. 

When you pay for the London Pass, you will receive an email showing you how to download, print, and use your London pass. 


Is the London Pass Worth It? 

If you have never been to London, this is the best option. Traveling to London can be very expensive, and the London Pass will help you save some money. It will also allow you to conveniently travel to many places in London and board the London bus. With the pass, you will quickly go from one place to another since the pass also comes with a guidebook.

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