Creating the perfect bedroom for teenagers

A teenagers bedroom is not just a place for them to sleep.

It is the one room in the house that can really reflect their personality and is their sanctuary from the challenges of outside world as they grow and mature.

This week, we have been decorating Eliza’s room, who was keen to lose her bunk beds in favour of a double bed and loose the Harry Potter theme, which she has had for a few years.

The main thing to think about when designing a bedroom for a teenager, is that it needs to reflect their personality. Gone are the days of themed bedrooms, however, it is important to get them involved in choosing their own colours and styles. If you are brave enough, you could even let them loose with a paintbrush.

High cost items such as beds, wardrobes and chests of drawers need stand the test of time, so it is worth investing in good quality items from the start.

The Bed

Eliza has the smallest bedroom in the house, which is in an inconvenient “L” shape. When measuring her room, we established that a traditional sized double bed would not fit, however, we compromised on a small double bed which is slightly narrower at 4ft wide.


A teen’s bedroom should include plenty storage, so you might want to consider the type of bed you choose. An ottoman bed is the ideal solution if space is at a premium, as the ottoman base provides generous storage space for linen, blankets, towels or clothes.

Teenage girls may prefer a metal bedstead that they can decorate with fairy lights and flowers, whereas boys might prefer a sleeker, wooden design.

The Furniture

The hoards of cuddly toys may have gone, but teenagers still generate a lot of clutter, so you want their bedroom to be a space that’s easy to keep tidy with lots of different storage options.

As well as wardrobes and drawers for clothes storage, include baskets and bins to make clean up straightforward and shelving, so they can display their favourite collectables.

Teenagers also need a quiet space to do their homework, so choosing the perfect desk for studying and crafting is also important.

The Decor

The bedroom walls are a blank canvas where your teen can really express their unique personal style. Eliza wanted a feature wall in her room and choose a gorgeous wallpaper from Photowall, which we colour matched with paint for the rest of her walls.

With new digital printing technology it is now possible to create almost anything, whether it’s a personal photo or a wallpaper pattern to cover the entire wall, so you can really get something that your teen will love.

Despite coming from Europe, the wallpaper arrived within a few days. Our house is 60+ years old and the walls are not great, but the quality of the wallpaper is second to none and is surprisingly easy to put up, taking just a couple of hours.


Lighting options are much more exciting with the introduction of LED strips, which can highlight shelves, surround furniture and even add a personalised touch to the room.

Finishing Touches

Soft furnishings can make a room and it is the last thing for us to do in Eliza’s room. Think cosy cushions to turn the bed into a sofa, coordinating curtains and throws, to really finish off the room.

Most importantly, she has enough shelving space to display all her precious LEGO.

What do you think of Eliza’s grown up bedroom?

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