Project 365 2023 – Week 7

Isaac has a job as a swimming assistant for a local swim school and has picked up quite a bit of overtime over the half term holiday’s, so I have spent much of my week ferrying him to and from work in between my decorating duties.

Isaac also spent a couple of days with Callan, spending his hard earned wages on some new clothes. He is definitely morphing into a fully fledged teenager

Here is our week:

Sunday 12th February

Isaac’s first overtime shift of the school break and he was helping some of the new swimming instructors complete their assessments by acting as a pupil. I think he quite enjoyed it and cannot wait to do the course when he is old enough.

Monday 13th February

Operation decorate Eliza’s bedroom has commenced.

The paint she chose is peppermint macaroon, although personally I think it looks more blue than green, but she is happy with it.

Eliza enjoyed helping me paint, although I did have to retouch the ceiling in a couple of places where she managed to hit it with the roller!!

Tuesday 14th February

We have been waiting for the new Hogwarts game to be released for what feels like forever. Now we have it, Eliza, Sebby and my husband have all started playing it, vowing to get ahead of one another. With me busy decorating it seemed that they used my phone to take pictures of the challenge codes.

We didn’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day, but did chuckle at our respective cards to each other.

Wednesday 15th February

Eliza was very excited by today’s delivery – her wallpaper from Photowall.


I have to admit that I enjoy painting, but wallpapering is my least favourite activity. Thankfully, Nanny was available to lend a hand and had the wall completed in a couple of hours.


In the evening, Eliza enjoyed the last part of her birthday present – a sleepover at Dorset Museum with the Jurassic Coast team.

We enjoyed activities such as fossil polishing, discovering more about Kevin, their pliosaur, a silent disco and a film night.

Thursday 16th February

We were up early from the museum and headed home to freshen up, before driving to Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth to meet Callan.

The kids managed to influence him to buy them a donut, before Callan headed off with Isaac for a shopping spree whilst we headed for Ikea in Southampton to get Eliza a new wardrobe and desk.

Eliza’s room is quite small, so it was quite stressful finding furniture that would actually fit, but we got there in the end.

Friday 17th February

Operation flatpack assemble begins!!

Eliza room

Her existing furniture doesn’t quite match the new items, but she now has a functional bedroom again.

Eliza room

We still need to get a bit more storage and change her curtains, but her room is finally done!!

Saturday 18th February

It was back to work for me as they hadn’t booked my holiday in the system properly and I didn’t have quite enough holiday left to take the full week off.

I really enjoyed the Masked Singer final and had guessed Charlie Simpson and Ricky Wilson correctly, although was disappointed that Ricky didn’t win – Sebby wasn’t feeling it though!

How was your week?

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 7”

  1. We really need to decorate N’s room, and get him a proper grown up bookcase rather than the old Ikea kids module trays/shelves. Isaac’s job sounds great. I think N would like to be a tennis assistant coach in a couple of years once the current one goes off to uni. Handy for a bit of extra cash. Eliza’s birthday treat sleep over sounds really cool. Lucky that you’ve got something like that near you.

  2. Happy Birthday to Eliza, what a fab bedroom, you’ve all done an amazing job. It’s great for Issac to have his own job and independence, although I remember how annoying ti was to add another place to drive one of the kids to

  3. Eliza looks like she enjoyed helping with the painting. The wallpaper is lovely too – I’m with you though on not liking wallpapering. Lovely units too. Hope Eliza is happy with her new room. Great photo of her being eaten by the pliosaur! #project365


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