Daddy’s Day Out- How To Ace Casual Styling

Casual dressing is perhaps the easiest for busy dads who always struggle with sartorial rules for office styling. When you plan an outing with your kids, you can forget the crisp shirts and formal trousers for once. Enjoy the freedom to showcase your personal style in clothes you feel comfortable wearing. 

But things are not as simple as they sound because you may feel overwhelmed once you start digging into your wardrobe. Moreover, finding the balance between comfort and style may get tricky when you want to dress to impress. Let us share some easy tips to ace casual styling for your next daddy’s day out.

Know your goals

The first step is to decide on your goals because the casual dressing is more than styling for outings. You will dress differently for a picnic, a day at the amusement park, or a beach outing with your children. Although you must follow the same set of casual styling rules, the choices of outfits may vary. So you should not begin without goal setting because it eases the entire styling process. 

Build with what you have

Planning outings with your kids is a great way to spend quality time together, regardless of your tight schedules. But you may not have a huge collection to wear a new outfit for every outing. Experts recommend building with what you have instead of planning a shopping spree before every trip. A little creativity and some practice are enough to style your casual ensembles like a pro. 

Maximize comfort

Nothing matters more than comfort when it comes to casual dressing, so you must keep it on top of your styling checklist. Good fits are the key to comfortable styles. Invest in a few well-fitted tees and easy cargos to look your best without compromising comfort. Remember to add a couple of pairs of sneakers that fit perfectly and look cool each time you step out for a leisure date with loved ones. 

Play with colors

Besides comfortable fits, you must also play with colors to look like a cool dad on your day out with your kids. Bright colors look great on casual outings, though you can opt for neutral hues for bottoms to balance the ensemble. Investing in prints and patterns is a good option if monochrome appears boring. You can even try color-twinning with your little ones to make the occasion memorable.

Personalize your look

Another tip to make a great impression on daddy’s day out is to personalise your look. The good thing is that you need not hire a stylist for advice. You can make a style statement with a custom-printed tee, or flaunt branded sunglasses and a luxury watch to accessorise your look. Follow your favourite celebrity to get some inspiration for daddy dressing. A personal touch can definitely make you look like a star! 

Acing casual styles can be a breeze, provided you are ready to experiment and be creative. Follow these easy styling tips to look like the coolest daddy on your next outing. 

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