Review: NickWatch – the new connected smartwatch for kids!

During the Easter holiday’s we were lucky enough to be invited to Birmingham for the launch of the brand new NickWatch, a new connected smartwatch aimed at children age 5-10 years.

The smartwatch features characters from a range of beloved Nickelodeon series, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House and more.

Sebby couldn’t wait to get his hands on it and I had cleverly downloaded the caretaker app (on App Store and Google Play) to my phone already, so we could use the watch straight away. His first choice was to choose a watch face and as we were also about to watch Spongebob the Musical, he decided on a Spongebob image.

The Caretaker App gives parents and caregivers peace of mind and reassurance when away from their children. Adults can use the app to enable two-way messaging and calls, and even manage the user account on the watch. This includes muting the device, during school hours, for example, and choosing who can connect and communicate via messaging and voice notes with their child. I have set up myself and his Dad so far and every now and again we will get an emoji or funny message sent through.

The NickWatch comes with two straps (one simple grey strap and one Snazzy strap featuring famous Nickelodeon characters) and the Connect-O-Cable (USB charger) in the box. New watch faces, ringtones and straps will be available soon, so kids can change their watch as their style changes.

The NickWatch features encourage imagination, independence and physical movement. There is a step counter, complete with targets and challenges to complete, plus fun games to play – Sebby’s favourite is the karate chop game, where he has to swing his arms to cut up a melon on the watch and he enjoys dancing along to the pre-loaded tunes.

Kids Smart Watch

The NickWatch has a front-facing camera which comes with filters and stickers of Nickleodeon characters so kids can add an artistic flair to their images.

Sebby loves his new watch and it was the perfect addition to his suit for a wedding last week as it kept him occupied whilst we waited around for the wedding photos.


The NickWatch is intuitive and easy to use for kids. The variety of games encourages role play and enhance physical and social play, allowing children to interpret the tasks presented and truly let their imagination run wild and Sebby loves it!!

Disclaimer: We were gifted the NickWatch in return for a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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