How to Prepare Children for Their First Period?

The first period is one of the key moments of maturity and transformation of a girl into a woman. Although it is a completely natural process, periods can raise many questions and are often not the most pleasant emotions for a girl. Keeping that in mind, we will know more about how to prepare our children for their first period.

Communication is a key

Talk about the period with your child even before it starts. Girls usually get their first period at the age of 12-13 years old on average, but it is normal to get the period at age of 10-11 years or 14-15 years. Parents should talk to their daughter about periods even before it begins – especially since other signs of puberty (breasts begin to grow, hips become rounder, body hair increases, etc.) begin to appear even before periods.

Visit to the doctor

However, there are girls who get their period at the age of 10 or even 8. There is no need to be afraid of early periods, but you should bring your child to a gynecologist who will examine whether the girl has any health problems or whether her condition corresponds to early puberty.

Preparation of essential items

If there are signs that your child’s period may start soon, always be prepared. Prepare a backpack: clean panties, several odourless and hypoallergenic hygiene packages, and odourless wet wipes for intimate hygiene. Put these items in a nice cosmetic case or a special case. These gadgets will help your child feel calmer.

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Impact of weight

Today, children eat better, weigh more than 20-30 years ago, and therefore reach sexual maturity faster. According to gynecologists, a girl’s sexual maturity is highly dependent on her adipose tissue, because the sex hormones estrogens are formed and produced by fat cells. So, the chubbier the girl is, the more female sex hormones are produced in her body, and at the same time she matures faster, the first period starts earlier. However, being underweight or overweight can disturb the menstrual cycle.

Regularity of periods

Talk to your children about the regularity of periods. It is very difficult to predict when the second period will start because the first menstrual cycles are very often chaotic, the intervals between periods are sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. To track periods, it is advisable to use a period tracker app. Teach the girl to mark the periods on the calendar. In this way, it will be easier for her to plan her activities and periods will not come unexpectedly. It is important to mark not only the duration and frequency of menstruation but also note whether it is heavy or mild. The girl should not forget these monthly calendars: these notes of several years would help the gynecologist to identify a possible disease. Also, it is normal to experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) before your period. Eventually, the length of your child’s menstrual cycles should become similar.

Good food and sleep, correct posture

Take care that your daughter rests well, sleeps about 8-10 hours a day, and experiences less stress. Try to make the girl eat wholesome food, and use vitamin supplements when growing rapidly. Take care of her correct posture. Excessive physical exertion is also harmful.


Explain to your daughter that the changing body is the charm of her femininity and that changes are necessary to conceive, carry, give birth, and feed the baby later. It is very important that the body weight remains good, neither too high nor too low because the menstrual cycle can be disturbed. Visits to the gynecologist are recommended.

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