4 Unique Date Plans in Camden

The vibrant and eclectic area of North London, known for its alternative culture and live music is a famous and attractive destination for young people of diverse backgrounds, whilst we should not forget that it is where the University College London and the University of the Arts London, are located.

Young people love outdoor activities and nightlife, and Camden offers plenty of options. The youth and its accompanied insouciance, together with the total vibe of the area, creates circumstances perfect for social interactions, flirting engagement and romantic dates.

Wondering what are the top 4 dating plans for having memorable time with your potentially significant other? Lucky you, just keep reading!

1.      Jazz Night at The Jazz Café

A fantastic option for the ones that are looking for a more sophisticated and cosy type of date. Camden’s Jazz Café is a legendary music venue, as having hosted very significant for the history of jazz music, singers. Nowadays, you can still enjoy live music from talented local or international musicians, whilst the type of music is diverse, including traditional jazz, contemporary jazz, fusion, Latin jazz etc. That’s also why you should always check the schedule before booking a date there, in order to validate the live aligns your interest. During your staying, you will also be able to choose among the wide selection of wines and drinks, and the delicious plates.

2.      Mini Golf at Plonk

If you are totally desiring to overcome the ordinary options for the first days, and if you already know the other person loves sports or adventures or both, there stands the crazy mini golf in Camden. It is definitely not the usual and boring mini-golf venue you might imagine, actually it’s famous for its offbeat aesthetic, including eye-catching artwork. Add some playfulness and innocent competition that will make you laugh, bond you and probably increase the temperature!

3.      Camden Town Brewery Tour

Photo by Zck_ on Unsplash

Who said that being a tourist in your hometown is bad? It’s exactly this feeling of permanent, that makes people think like they always have time, and end up having visited fewer attractions. The Camden Town Brewery, produces tasteful and remarkable beers of several types, as Hells Lager, Pale Ale, Ink Stout etc. During an indoors tour, you get to learn about the brewing process and its secrets, learn directly from the experts interesting facts about the industry and understand better the art of brewing. Finally, you get some beer-tasting!

4.      Regent’s Canal Walk

A romantic stroll, especially if placed by the sea or any type of natural or artificial water source, will always be an ideal set-up for dates. Going for a walk next to the picturesque Regent’s waterway, will give you a charming scenic walking through little bridges as well as admiring the city’s landmarks as the iconic Camden Lock. If you are seeking for prolonging your wandering, you can go on until reaching the area of Little Venice, where Regent’s Canal meet the Grand Union Canal.

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