How to compliment your skincare routine while travelling

Going on a leisure trip is the most common way to retain our sanity and stability without getting completely overwhelmed and devoured by the massive amount of responsibilities and stress of adult life.
Therefore, it makes completely sense if we do not want to commit to anything and temporarily shut down focusing just on the present moment and feelings.

Even though non-engagement in any kind of “ritual” or “routine” sounds ideal, there are exclusions applied, not because their importance are of high-priority to prevent upcoming emergencies and retain resilience, thus because they consist part of a healthier lifestyle.

Skin care is undoubtably on top of that list and its practice is non-negotiable on an every-day basis. Besides the urge to dissociate from life as it is, the travel restrictions applied for hand-luggage, make it harder to be equipped with all the skin-care products needed, forcing us to limit to the most necessary.

Find below some tips to make easier your skin scare commitment while travelling.

1. Hydration

The most important tip for maintaining a healthy and appealing skin, and the simplest one when circumstances limit the available options, is to hydrate yourself sufficiently. Pack a hydrating mist, don’t neglect to include fruits and vegetables as daily snacks in your diet, prefer drinking tea instead of coffee and avoiding the excessive consumption of alcohol and of course always carry your reusable thermic bottle of water, enhancing sustainability at the same time.

For an innovative approach to skin hydration, consider IV drip therapy, which is available in a lot of locations. This method directly infuses your body with hydration and essential nutrients, offering a targeted approach to maintaining skin health, especially when regular hydration methods fall short. Search for IV drip in Houston, or any other needed location to find beauty therapies that provide hydration and essential nutrients, complementing your everyday hydration practices.

2. Sun Protection

No matter of the season your trip is taking place, despite the fact that we tend to believe that sunscreen is a product only necessary with high temperatures and summer season, protecting yourself and your skin from direct and indirect sun exposition, is highly-important all year long.

Hence, you should prefer staying in shadowy places during the “dangerous” 10 am to 4 pm, wear a hat to prevent your head from getting overheated as well as your nose and nears, always wear at least 30-SPF sunscreen, and wear sunglasses when needed.

3. Beauty Treatments

Photo by Sunny Ng on Unsplash

As already mentioned, travelling means escaping the ordinary. When in your every-day routine you follow loyally any self-care routines, while travelling you can allow yourself some cheating, by visiting a beauty centre and enjoy highly relaxing moments where others are taking care of you.

“Is there always a beauty salon near me?”, you might be questioning. Well, chances are that yes, even if it’s a small studio perfectly blended with the scenery. First of all, staying at a hotel, will most probably give you access to spa services.
 Even if you finally don’t achieve discovering a salon, online platforms will help you find a specialist making door-to-door appointments.

4. Quality over quantity

Don’t push yourself to your limits trying to achieve the unachievable, meaning to maintain your skin care identical as if you were at home! Prefer packing products that have high impact and are easily applicable, such a facial-wipes, a facial mist and a cleansing soap. 

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