Project 365 2023 – Week 27

Our week started with our 18th wedding anniversary, my husband’s surprise 50th birthday party and then progressed onto Isaac’s first abroad trip with school and a tummy bug in the house.

It has definitely been an eventful week:

Sunday 9th July

Our 18th wedding anniversary and the date of my husband’s surprise party.

He did not have any suspicions that anything was afoot until I didn’t make a turning to go to his Mum’s. We managed to arrive earlier than planned thanks to no traffic, so beat some of the attendees, but had fun nonetheless.

I booked a local pub and we had a barbecue in the garden. Luckily the weather played ball, despite being predicted rain and everyone had a lovely time.

I have a feeling that every family photo is now going to feature at least one child upside down from now on.

Monday 10th July

Back to work with a bump, although it was a nice and calm day with no issues. My only picture is of a donation I made to a local primary school who were making pizza’s.

Tuesday 11th July

A fun afternoon after school / work as we were sent some gel blasters to review.

Isaac loves things like this and as outgrown his nerf obsession. These are the perfect upgrade for tweens and teens – think airsoft but with no pain, stain or clean up……..well, when I say no pain, they do “ping” slightly if you get shot on bare skin.

Wednesday 12th July

Before Isaac packed for his school trip, his main priority was making enough gel balls to take to his friend’s house so they could use the gel blasters before drama club.

He managed to make so many that we ran out of containers, so he used an old wine bottle!!

Thursday 13th July

My alarm was set for 3.30am to get Isaac to school to catch the coach for 4.30am for his Paris trip.

There were a couple of minor drama’s before they finally set off. One child forgot their passport and another got put on a different coach to a friend, so they were slightly late setting off.

Thankfully they made it to Dover in plenty of time, with plenty of updates on their location and progress.

Now Sebby is Year 5, they do a school show with the Yr 6’s at the end of the summer term and today was the day we saw the results of all the practice.

I have to admit, it was a bit of an odd one as the play was based on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, but the kids all did brilliantly and Sebby is certainly taking after his siblings with his love of entertaining, although, I still cannot fathom why they put the taller class members at the front, with the small ones at the back.

We also visited my step-dad in hospital today as he has been moved onto end of life care now, following his stroke.

Friday 14th July

Isaac’s first full day in France and he was very excited to be off and exploring the markets. When Abbey, Callan and Kian went on their trips, we were lucky to get an update all together, but now everyone has mobile phones it is several times a day.

Luckily they had good weather, same cannot be said for here!

Saturday 15th July

All the best laid plans……it was supposed to be a work day, setting up the football sweepstake, but sadly I have stayed home with a poorly Eliza, who has a tummy bug.

Fingers crossed it is a 24 hour one as I am three loads of washing down already!

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 27”

  1. Hope Eliza’s over her bug soon and it doesn’t spread round the house. Exciting having a trip abroad. I need to get N a passport in readiness for next year’s trips that we’re expecting. The gel blasters look great fun. I reckon N and his cousin would love those.

  2. What a fun week!
    Happy anniversary to you and your husband and happy birthday to him. It looks like everyone had fun!
    I imagine the school would have been very happy with the donation of stuff to make pizzas and that gel blaster looks a lot of fun.
    I hope Issac had a great time in France and Eliza is feeling better now. x

  3. Wow that was an eventful week. Happy anniversary to you and your husband and hope he enjoyed his surprise party. Love the cake. The gel blasters look fun. Hope Isaac enjoyed his trip to Paris. Poor Eliza coming down with a tummy bug. Hope it was short-lived. #project365


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