Project 365 2023 – Week 29 & 30

The start of the summer holiday’s has been a busy one for us as we prepared for our summer holiday break at Camp Bestival.

We let Isaac take a friend this year, which worked really well as they could go off and explore together and not get stuck with oldies. That said, Isaac has a similar music taste to his Dad, so they often met up leaving me with the younger two.

Here is our last two weeks:

Sunday 23rd July

Today was a chilled day, catching up on household chores. Every time I clean the bath I wonder where the sand comes from……..turns out its from Willow as she has sand in her vivarium!!

Willow Bath

Monday 24th July

We have started a new initiative at work. Instead of a summer food collection to help our local foodbanks, they have sent in paper bags which we can fill with the items the foodbank needs.

It’s a great idea, but takes quite a lot of time to set up. Luckily it seems to be working and we have increased the number of donations.

Tuesday 25th July

When Isaac visited France with school, he wanted to buy a light sabre at Disneyland Paris, however £200 was a bit steep, so he saved his money and ordered one when he got home.

I was worried it would be tucked under his bed, never to be seen again, but it has been out every night and he has even visited friends for light sabre battles.

Wednesday 26th July

The packing begins for Camp Bestival. We all have our fingers and toes crossed that the weather improves but it’s not looking good.

We definitely need to be more organised with our camping gear as some was in the shed and some was in the loft!

Thursday 27th July

We dropped Isaac off to his STA Safety Award course at 9.30am and had every intention of heading straight to Camp Bestival to set up the tent, however, the weather was torrential rain and there were local reports of gridlock and a broken down caravan hampering proceedings, so we made the decision to stay at home and have an early start on Friday instead.

I am pleased to say that Isaac also passed his course and can complete first aid and pool rescue.

Friday 28th July

Camp Bestival here we come!!

Camp Bestival

We arrived and parked with no issues at all and managed to drag our equipment from the car and set up in under an hour.


Thankfully the weather stayed dry on Friday and we enjoyed seeing Sophie Ellis Bextor, Scouting for Girls and the Kooks.

Saturday 29th July

A glorious day with wall to wall sunshine.

Isaac and his friend Sam took themselves off to enjoy the festival, whilst we enjoyed some of the activities for younger visitors with Sebby and Eliza.


We were all back together for our Camp Bestival favourites, Dick n Dom, before separating again so the boys could see Stereo MC’s and us, Sam Ryder.


Sunday 30th July

Sunday was the polar opposite of Saturday and we woke to high winds and torrential rain.

We managed to pack everything up and get it to the car by lunchtime and then headed back in to the festival to enjoy the last day.


Luckily the weather improved as the day wore on and we stayed mostly dry whilst watching Jo Whiley and Craig David, until the heavens opened again in time for the fireworks.

Monday 31st July

We got home after midnight, so today was all about unpacking the cars and trying to dry everything out.

Tuesday 1st August

Back to work for me and I have still not recovered from the weekend.

Donation Bags

My only photo was of the food donation bags which we have now put on tills too, so people can pick them up at the end of their shopping.

Wednesday 2nd August

We headed to my Mum’s today to take her shopping and help with some paperwork. The tell-us-once service is great, however, it caused an expected cancellation of car tax and the electricity direct debit as they were in my step-dad’s name.

Thursday 3rd August

I am still catching up on washing thanks to the weather, so spent the day at home.


The kids have rediscovered the delights of Mario Kart and Willow wanted to get in on the action too.

Friday 4th August

The day of my step-dad’s funeral. It was a lovely service and the florist who did the topper, did little posies for the sides of the coffin, so we could all take one home. What a lovely idea!

Saturday 5th August

A work day for me and I helped organise a food collection for the pet food bank.

It always surprises me how generous our customers are and they collected over 60 cases of pet food in a few short hours.

How was your week?

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 29 & 30”

  1. That’s a good idea having the paper bags for the items the foodbank needs. Well done to Isaac on passing his STA Safety Award. Sounds like you had a fun time at Camp Bestival and glad you at least had good weather on the Friday and Saturday. The flowers for your step-dad’s funeral are beautiful – what a nice touch to have the posies to take home. #project365

  2. What a great couple of weeks.
    Those food donation bags are a great idea, I am glad they are a success.
    Good on Issac saving his money to get the light sabre, it looks so cool.
    Camp Bestival looks like a lot of fun.
    I am glad your step-dads funeral went well, the posies are a lovely idea. x

  3. Camp Festival looks loads of fun for all ages, good decision leaving a day later with the rain. Well done with the food bank collection bags. What a lovely idea from the florist for your step dads funeral, I hope the service went well


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