Project 365 2023 – Week 36

It has been a long two weeks as the kids are back at school and I haven’t had a day off!

Thankfully they’ve settled into school well and have now started all their afterschool clubs, with rehearsals for not one, but two shows.

The only downside of being back at school is that the requests for money for trips are coming in thick and fast.

Here is our week:

Sunday 10th September

Our last barbecue of the summer!

We normally have a huge family barbecue in August, but this year it moved to September. It’s always a busy affair, with lots of food and party games. Sebby was the whizz at giant jenga and a pinata was always a hit with the kids.

Monday 11th September

I arrived to work to find the fire alarm going off – thankfully it was a false alarm.

We have had a lot of absence, due to holiday, students going back to university and sickness over the last week and one of my colleagues sent me this picture of Grogu. It made me laugh as we all joked we were going to be off too.

Tuesday 12th September

Now the kids have settled back in to school, their after school clubs have re-started. Both Eliza and Isaac are taking part in the production of Beauty and the Beast at school, with Isaac playing Lumiere and Eliza Le Fou, so are back to after school rehearsals.

My only picture is the boys having a game of foot wars.

Wednesday 13th September

My day working at preschool and I regretted wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The Autumnal weather has arrived and it was chilly all day.

Thursday 14th September

We opened the curtains to a squirrel chilling on our swings in the garden. Despite everyone approaching the window to look, it was happily lounging there for ages.

Friday 15th September

Our new grandson is due any day now and one of the ladies at work knitted him a hat and cardigan – I really wish I could knit, or have any creative skill!

Saturday 16th September

Day 15 of working without a day off and so looking forward to tomorrow so I can relax. Thankfully work wasn’t busy, but I completely failed to take a photo.

How was your week?

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 36”

  1. The BBQ looks like a lot of fun and calling in healthy to work sounds like a great idea. hehehe
    Good luck to Eliza and Isaac with the school production and I hope your new grandson arrives or has arrived safely. That cardigan is so cute. x


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