The Benefits of Scrabble for Fostering Family Bonding

As the days become colder and cozier, the environment becomes just right to spend long nights at home with your kids. You can share a good laugh over games. One of the games that appeal to young and old people alike is Scrabble. The game offers much to every person. From spelling word correctly to learning new words, and bonding emotionally; there are many advantages.

Playing Scrabble regularly gives parents an opportunity to unplug from their daily work schedule and rejuvenate themselves in the delightful company of their children. As you and your child connect with one another more, it strengthens the overall health of your family. In this post, we will tell you how Scrabble can foster family bonding.

Enriches Your Child’s Vocabulary

Scrabble exposes your child to various new words. The game forces them to review their existing knowledge. They need to find valid words that fit the available tiles drawn. You can use a Scrabble dictionary if there’s any confusion regarding a specific word. Thus, you will immediately know if you have created a meaningful word or not. Thus, they can reach a consensus about whether the word is acceptable or not sooner.

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Appreciate the Little Things in Life

A lesson that people often learn from Scrabble is that the little words are equally as important as the big words. Yes, big words can undoubtedly make an impressive impact on this game. But little, two-letter words are equally significant. 

You can draw an analogy between this aspect of Scrabble and the little things in life. These include things like breathing in fresh air, walking barefoot in the grass. Just enjoying your favorite food is another small pleasure that we take for granted. This has the effect of making everyone feel grateful for what they have. Also, it significantly deepens your bond with them. 

Navigate Through Tough Times

Life has a funny way of throwing sudden things at us. Parents often find themselves consumed with workstress and caring for their kids. But constantly being in such a state isn’t good for your mental and physical health

Scrabble allows you to enjoy time with your children and significant other, laughing and cracking jokes over a bowl of your favorite food and the game board. You will soon find yourself engrossed in the conversation with your child. It will increase your connection with them.

Cherish the Time with Your Loved Ones

Today, there are innumerable gadgets available. It has made accessing entertainment easy. Whenever we have free time, we open our phones, play games, or browse our social media feeds. 

Spending time with family doesn’t cross our minds. Scrabble gives you a night away from the screens and be in the moment as you sit with your loved ones to enjoy the game. As you laugh and make memories playing the game, you soon find yourself appreciating the time you have with your loved ones and never taking it for granted.

Teaches Humility and Patience

Scrabble is a very intelligent game. It helps develop literacy skills. But it also teaches much about life like patience and humility. It is not worthwhile to rail if a game is not going according to how you want. If you are a beginner, you can study the moves of other older players to find out how they score big almost every time. You will soon find out how patient they are with their actions. Scrabble will inculcate virtues like patience in you. This will undoubtedly serve you throughout your life. 

Final Thoughts 

Even the strongest family ties get weaker with time in the absence of a conscious attempt by the members to connect. Spending time playing interesting games like Scrabble is a great way to foster your bond. It makes everyone realize how loved they are and helps them get over a bad or hectic day. The game is a perfect indoor board game that also helps kids learn language in a fun way. So, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with life lately, maybe a round of Scrabble is all you need to feel like yourself again!

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