Project 365 2023 – Week 40

It’s been a fairly uneventful week this week, with flu and COVID jabs for me, but Sebby did get to enjoy a school disco.

Here is our week:

Sunday 8th October

Today was all about catching up on the boring stuff at home, playing Mum’s taxi for the kids busy social lives and making sure their homework was all done.

My only photo was a screenshot of my COVID jab appointment so I didn’t forget it.

Monday 9th October

Who was the numpty that managed to book her flu jab and COVID jab on the same day……………..that would be me!!

I had my flu jab at work in the morning and then my COVID in the afternoon.

Tuesday 10th October

Apart from a headache, I didn’t feel too bad after my jabs, so my husband and I went out for breakfast and a walk around Compton Acres.

Compton Acres is a beautiful ornamental garden here in Poole, although its not at its best this time of year, it is still a lovely place to visit and they have added some new sculptures since our last visit.

Wednesday 11th October

It was clear that I hadn’t got away with just a headache from my jabs and my whole body ached today, as well as having a very itchy and swollen arm from my COVID jab.

None of us were particularly excited about going to school, but we made it through the day……..just.

Thursday 12th October

Instead of me going to my Mum’s, she made her way to me and we headed out on a shopping spree to our local M&S as she needed some new clothes.

She managed an impressive haul, although was disappointed that they didn’t have any Percy Pig pyjamas in stock. Luckily I found some online, so she can have those for her birthday.

In the evening, Sebby started his new swimming lessons as his last swim school sadly closed. He enjoyed it, but it was a one-to-one lesson and they had him doing some of the training like Isaac and Eliza used to at Swim Bournemouth, so he was shattered afterwards.

Friday 13th October

A work day for me and the systems knew it was Friday 13th as had a few issues.

In the evening it was the day Sebby had been looking forward to all week – the Neon disco at school.

We had a very soggy walk to school, but he and his friends had a whale of a time!

Saturday 14th October

Another work day for me and a strangely quiet one for a Saturday.

We had a new photo machine delivered in the week and they managed to install it in between my food bank collection baskets, so we moved it to a better position.

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 40”

  1. Thank you for the reminder, I’ve just booked my covid and flu jabs for Wednesday. I struggle to use those photo machines and there is never anyone around to help in our local boots. Love the gardens at Compton Acres.

  2. I had my flu jab booked and they were doing covid at the same time. I didn’t fit any of the criteria they had down, but gave me one anyway. I’d paracetamoled up before, so just had a little bit of an ache the next day on one arm. Hope you got over yours fast.
    Compton Acres looks really nice. My kind of place to walk around. Hope Sebby gets on with his new swimming lessons.


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