Project 365 2023 – Week 43 & 44

It has been a busy couple of weeks, mostly thanks to being back at work and ferrying the kids to various clubs and activities.

We had storm Ciaran hit, which fizzled out almost as soon as it started here. The kids were most disappointed that they didn’t get a day off school.

Here is our week:

Sunday 29th October

With the weather showing no improvement, we settled for a chilled day at home and our first home cooked roast dinner of the season.

Monday 30th October

Back to work after a week off and I was frustrated to find that the council still haven’t fixed the street light outside our house. It is horrible walking to the car in pitch black and I took a photo to show how dark it was – sadly my phone seems to brighten everything.


Tuesday 31st October

Halloween and Sebby and Eliza were excited to go out trick & treating, whilst Isaac manned the front door.

Sadly we had torrential rain all evening, so we didn’t get many trick or treaters to the door and the kids didn’t last more than an hour and came home soaked.

Wednesday 1st November

It is my Dad’s birthday this week, so I popped to see him in the New Forest, despite being thwarted by road closures and roadworks at every turn.

My obsession with post box toppers continues – I really need to learn how to knit so I can start making them myself.

The kids headed to see SIX with school tonight and I had to pick them up at the start of storm Ciaran. It wasn’t too bad at home, but it was very windy by the coast.

Thursday 2nd November

Storm Ciaran seemed to bypass us, so the kids had school as normal. I have been nagging the kids to tidy their bedrooms for what feels like forever and I finally gave up and did it myself.

All their wardrobes and drawers have been sorted and lots of outgrown clothing has now been listed on Vinted.

I picked Sebby up from school as normal, but he had a surprise………he is House Captain for this year!!

In the evening, it was my turn to watch SIX The Musical and it was brilliant. If you get a chance to go, do it – you won’t be disappointed.

Friday 3rd November

Now that Halloween is over, it was time to decorate the shop for Christmas.

For the last two years, we have had cardboard Christmas trees at work and this year is no exception. This year it has definitely been simplified and was much easier to put up.

Saturday 4th November

I worked a 12 hour shift today and thankfully work was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday, so wasn’t too painful, but I was shattered when I got home.

Willow has been sleeping a lot recently, so I was pleasantly surprised to see her awake when I got home.

Sunday 5th November

A work day for me, to try and get some extra money to help with Christmas and it was an uneventful one.

I was pleased to see that the local knitters have been hard at work and we finally have a post box topper on our local letter box.

Monday 6th November

Lilah has asked for a bike for her birthday and we were lucky enough to be offered one to review from Very, but the review is due before her birthday. Luckily my neighbour has a daughter the same age, so we pretended it was her bike to see if it was the right size.

She took to it well, although did worry when we got to a hill, but fingers crossed she will off and pedalling soon.

Tuesday 7th November

My husband and I have been itching to try breakfast at Aunt Fanny’s Farm Shop and Cafe after it was recommended to us and we finally visited today.

It is in a gorgeous, rural location just outside Wimborne and is an instagrammers dream. The food was amazing too – definitely one of the best breakfasts we have had recently.

Wednesday 8th November

The Christmas review items are arriving thick and fast. Mine are too old for most of it now, so Lilah is my reviewer and the toys are then donated to the preschool where I work, for all the kids to enjoy.

They all adore this dentist play set which even comes with a retainer and braces!

Thursday 9th November

I headed over to see my Mum today and despite not needing to go shopping, she insisted we went and saw her post box topper. I think hers definitely wins!

She has been having some issues with her energy company since her partner died, but after getting the ombudsman involved a couple of weeks ago, things finally seem to be moving in the right direction.

Friday 10th November

We have been patiently waiting to upgrade our phones and have finally done it. Isaac and Eliza have our hand-me-downs and Sebby, after losing his in the summer, has Isaac’s old phone. I tried to get a picture of their silly faces as they set up face ID, but managed to miss it.

Saturday 11th November

Sebby had a Kids on Quadz birthday party a couple of years ago and it has set off a bit of a trend. He was invited to his friend’s party today and thoroughly enjoyed his time splashing through the very big puddles.

I am so glad that I packed a change of clothes as he was filthy by the time they finished.

How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 2023 – Week 43 & 44”

  1. Aww Lilah looks so grown up on her bike.

    I feel like I am forever nagging the kids to do the bedrooms but like you end up doing it myself in the end! Oh wow it does look messy at that birthday party!

  2. Oh! I do love a roast dinner at this time of year.
    Eek! I hope the street light is fixed now. It does look very dark.
    The post box toppers are very cute.
    How wonderful for you all to see Six The musical. My youngest loves all of the songs.
    That dentist play set looks fantastic! A few years ago my girls would have loved that, they were obsessed with teeth. x

  3. That quad party sounds cool. I need to change my phone but I’m waiting for the one I want to come down in price a bit. Hopefully for Black Friday! I’m loving all your local post box toppers. I’ve not seen any for ages near here

  4. I haven’t been coping at all well this year with the clock change and darker evenings. Six hasn’t rraly appealed to me despite ,oving the Tudor era of history, maybe I’m a snob! #project365

  5. Well doen to Sebby on being House Captain for the year. Fab job Lilah has as a toy tester. Love all the yarn bombing, I’m loving the Christmas post box toppers all over town at the moment. The cardboard Christmas tree looks fab.

  6. Ooh that roast dinner looks yummy. I do love a good roast dinner, especially this time of year. Love the pumpkin. Shame about the rain with trick or treating. Well done to Sebby on becoming House Captain. Glad you and Eliza had a lovely evening seeing Six – Sophie and I are going to see it in a couple of weeks’ time. Love the Remembrance Sunday post box toppers. That dentist toy set looks like fun. Sebby looked like he had a great time at his friend’s birthday party – what a fun activity to do. #project365


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