Christmas Gift Guide for all the family

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the doorstep, now is the time to think about Christmas gifts for friends and family.

I have compiled a gift guide to help with the dilemma of what gifts to buy for your nearest and dearest.

For Health Conscious Adults

Alcohol-free spirits and aperitifs are the perfect solution for those who want a mixed drink minus the booze.

Founded in 2019 by entrepreneur and British TV personality Spencer Matthews, CleanCo has rapidly grown to become the world’s leading independent non-alcoholic spirit brand. 

With a portfolio spanning Clean T (Tequila), Clean G (Gin), Clean G Rhubarb (Rhubarb Gin), Clean R (Rum), Clean V (Vodka), and Clean W (Whiskey), CleanCo offer an unrivalled range of non-alcoholic equivalents to full strength spirits, without compromising on experience, taste, aroma, or mouthfeel. 

We have been putting Clean R to the test and this Caribbean-style rum, has a subtle spiced flavour with warming undertones of caramel and cayenne pepper, just without the fuzzy head in the morning.

For Foodies

Japanese and Korean snack brand, Kelly Loves, have a range of products and gifting options perfect for food lovers.

The Ultimate Sushi Kit contains everything you need to get rolling, just add your own fresh vegetables and fish, meat or vegan alternative to suit your taste.

For Music Lovers

Create an instant party with HITSTER, the music card game of the century. Listen to over 100 years of amazing hits, take turns arranging them in chronological order on your music timeline and create your trip down memory lane. The first player to collect 10 hits is crowned the HITSTER. Simply open the box, scan a song card and let the music do the rest to create an instant party.

For Relatives

It’s a fact that kids grow up fast and extended family don’t often see them as often as they might of done in the past, thanks to busy schedules.

Brighten up their day with gifts from Vistaprint of your favourite photo’s of the kids, or family events. They have everything from printed cushions to calendar’s, canvas prints to mugs and much, much more.

For Tweens and Teens

Get them outside with a brand new Stunt Scooter or Roller Boots.

Stunt scooters are built with reinforced materials, such as aluminum, and feature smaller, stronger wheels that can handle the impact of jumps and tricks. They also have wider decks and handlebars for better control and balance during tricks!

For Kids

Christmas is all about spending time together and playing silly games is one of our highlights.


Lilah is very excited about the game Monkey See Monkey Poo from Spinmaster Games.

It is an easy to play game, taking no more than half an hour. Spin the dial to see how many flings you get, Then load “poo” (Monkey Dough) into to the monkey and launch away. Aim at the tree to collect banana tokens and climb the vine – the 1st monkey to the top wins!!

For Creative Kids

EUGYs are a beautiful yet simple craft activity, which help kids feel a great sense of achievement upon completion of the puzzles.

EUGYs come from nature and can return to nature as they are made from one of the most recyclable materials, cardboard, and are printed with eco-friendly ink.

What is on your list this Christmas?

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