Project 365 2024 – Week 8

Back to school for the kids after the half term break and Isaac has gone straight into his mock GCSE’s, with two exams per day.

Apart from that, it has been a fairly uneventful week, with the normal work and club routines.

Here is our week:

Sunday 18th February

Mum’s taxi continues and this time it is for Eliza, who was invited to go and see Madame Webb at the cinema.

Eliza isn’t really into her action films, but she really enjoyed it. I shall it it to our watch list once its available to watch at home.

Monday 19th February

I start work at 5.30am and it’s still dark, but it is starting to get light earlier and I was treated to the most beautiful sky when I took the garage some change.

Tuesday 20th February

My husband and I were both day off. We spent the morning pottering around the house, getting little jobs done and then headed out to do some shopping, stopping at Nando’s for lunch.

It must be some time since we visited, as they have completely revamped the inside.

Eliza had her eye test after school and no longer needs a prescription. Hopefully her eyes stay good, but she struggles seeing the white board with the bright lights.

Wednesday 21st February

My preschool day and because of the weather, we were inside all day which is always challenging.

Eliza decided to try and teach Lilah how to do a handstand after school. It definitely needs more practice!!

Thursday 22nd February

As part of my Community Champion role, I get to go out of store and help charities with their projects. Today, I helped re-paint what used to be the old Adventure Wonderland site, which is now being leased by Diverse Abilities and is being turned into a place to provide children’s short breaks services and play sessions for children with special educational needs and teenagers aged two to 18.

It’s a massive site and there is a massive team of volunteers to get it all done by April. I will be back next week to do some more.

Friday 23rd February

Back into store and it was a day of training. We have had a bit of a reshuffle at work, so had a meeting about my hours changing. Luckily for me, I have actually managed to pick up an extra day, which I have been asking for, for some time.

Sebby came home from school very proud of his celebration certificate for excellent learning for percentages. He takes after his brothers for his maths ability, not me!

Saturday 24th February

A busy Saturday at work as it was a payday weekend for most people and I had the RNLI in store collecting for the local Lifeboat station.

I have mentioned before that we have issues with parking where I live. Tonight was the worst it’s been for a while and I couldn’t get in my car, even if I wanted to. (Mine is the blue one)

How was your week?

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 8”

  1. Crikey, that’s ridiculous parking. I’m so glad we don’t have to worry about that here, it was always painful in one place I lived in Oxford. Well done Sebby for his maths, and hope Isaac’s mocks are going ok

  2. I hope Isaac’s mocks are going well.
    What a pretty sky! I haven’t seen the sun rising this year yet but it sure is setting later and later each day.
    That’s great news that Eliza’s eyes are good and brilliant that you get to help out charities with their projects. It sounds like a big job. I hope they get finished in time.
    Well done to Sebby! I was always useless at working out percentages.
    Ugh to the parking issues. x

  3. What mad parking, I’d be furious. I didn’t realise Tesco did actual community work, I knew they sponsored it, but didn’t realise staff went out, well done for getting involved (love your boots)


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