Project 365 2024 – Week 11

I have had a bit of a nightmare week this week.

For some reason I have not been able to upload images and although it is partially fixed, it is still playing up – wish I was a bit more tech savvy.

I have also been battling with another cold / cough – the joys of working with the general public and kids!

Here is our week:

Sunday 10th March

Mother’s Day, although sadly for me my husband was working and Isaac and Eliza had rehearsals for their show for much of the day.

My Mum did come over late afternoon once everyone was home and we had a delicious M&S meal deal roast – I would definitely consider buying it again as it was delicious and took half the time a traditional roast would have taken.

Roast Beef

Monday 11th March

What a difference a week makes. Although it it was fairly light last week when I left for work, it was definitely lighter this week, although the sky was almost cloudless.

I am a first aider at work and mostly deal with minor cuts, but today had to deal with the mess left in the men’s toilet – safe to say I was not impressed and why, oh why, would anyone do that?????


Tuesday 12th March

I have been battling with a lingering cough since half term, but it appears I have got another cold on top of it now. Day and Night Nurse are my friends!!

We gave Willow a bath tonight and I have never seen her so active. Normally she chills out, but she was racing around.

Wednesday 13th March

My preschool day and it went past fairly uneventfully as we have a number of kids off poorly.

The kids are on countdown to their show and their costumes are all coming together, although I have been banned from taking photos.

Thursday 14th March

I have picked up an extra day at work, focussing on community projects. Two local schools recently won community grants and we got to go and do cheque presentations and see what they were spending the money on.

One of the school’s has Isaac and Eliza’s previous head teacher there, so it was lovely to catch up.

Friday 15th March

After giving up the early shift a few weeks back, today I in store at 4.45am – even earlier than before.

I thought I would struggle at that time of the morning, but it was easier getting stuff done before customers walked in the door.

One of my tyres had a slow puncture which has been driving me insane, as I had to keep inflating my tyreso I finally got round to getting it repaired – the culprit – the worlds smallest screw!!


Saturday 16th March

The first day of my new hours on a Saturday and thankfully it went smoothly with no issues. The real benefit of my new hours is that I am finished just after lunch, so I can spend the afternoon with the kids, so we ventured into Bournemouth to get the last bits for their show.

How was your week?

4 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 11”

  1. It’s great the amount of charity work your store does and lovely that you get to go out in the community to see where and how the money is spent. Shame about the tyre, hopefully no more offending screws.

  2. Ugh! Technical issues are no fun at all.
    That roast dinner looks so good and I have noticed the lighter nights.
    I am glad the early shift went well and that’s good that you got your tyre replaced. x


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