Saturday is Caption Day – 5th July 2014

Isaac adores his superheroes at the moment and for Christmas he was delighted when he got a Hulk costume and Hulk Hands.

We visited Madam Tussaud’s last weekend, so you can imagine his excitement when he spotted Hulk.

He was a little wary at first, studying Hulk to see if he actually moved, but was soon happy to pose for a photo with the huge beast.

Can you caption this?


Saturday is Caption Day – 28th June 2014

I have been a Chelsea FC fan ever since hubby introduced me to the delights of football when we met 16 years ago.

We don’t go to matches as often as we would like these days as it makes for a very expensive day out, especially if you add the kids into the mix.

Last weekend we went to Madam Tussauds and you can imagine my excitement when I spotted Jose Mourinho, although sadly he refused to pucker up for me…….

How rude!

Can you caption this?

Jose Mourinho