Pig Goes Pop Review and Competition

My children are very fussy about the games they play, but if ever one has caught their imagination to its full effect, then it is this one!!

Pig Goes Pop is a simple but effective game – simply feed the pig his burgers and pump his tummy without bursting open his coat!  The rules are so simple, they’re written on the back of the box.

Inside the box you get – the Pig, some coloured burgers and a die!

Pig Goes Pop - Drummond Park

Simply roll the die and it will land on a colour – choose the burger the corresponding colour.  On the bottom of the burger is a number – you then feed the pig the burger and pump his head according to the number on the burger.

Family Games

The game is aimed at ages 4 and up, but Eliza (2) thoroughly enjoyed joining in and only needed a little assistance.  The game is great fun and the squeals of laughter when the “Pig goes Pop” are infectious.

Family GamesFamily Games

If you are looking for something that is also educational, then this game can help teach early numbers, colours, cause and effect and can also be linked in with Healthy Eating if you choose.

The only thing that Isaac has changed is that you are the winner if the “Pig goes Pop” – well, who am I to argue?

Drummond Park have very kindly offered me a Pig Goes Pop game to giveaway to one of my readers.

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    198 thoughts on “Pig Goes Pop Review and Competition”

    1. i loved the game frustration.. instead of using the counters we used smarties and if we landed on someone we either had the chance to eat them or save them just incase they landed on you later in the game if they did you had a choice of swapping back your counters.. it was always a fun game 🙂

    2. Strangely my most hated game came to mind – Monopoly, one brother and two boys next door- who all wanted to win. And it lasted days!!! Why couldn’t we just enjoy a nice game of ludo

    3. I used to like similar games to this one. Buckaroo and Jaws (where you had to take rubbish out of a sharks’ mouth without it closing on you). Good luck to all. 🙂 😀 xx

    4. We had a game called Laberynth. I don’t know if anyone else played it but we used to play it as a family most Sundays. It was a strategy game. When I moved out I asked if I could take it with me and now my husband and I play it on the weekends when we get an hour or so to ourselves.

    5. Can’t think of its name but the one with the sticks going through holding the marbles & you had to choose carefully so as not to dislodge them .. I was no good at it though!

    6. a game called hoggy hollar!!! it was great you had to shout down four tubes and the little plastic pigs would race along the track to the pen it was so much fun

    7. Mousetrap (even though it took forever to set up)….oh and screwball scramble….and as an older child Monopoly

    8. Monopoly – however my brothers wouldn’t play with me very often as Im afraid to say whenever it looked like i was loosing i used to turn the board upside down and shout – there no one wins now – gosh I was a bad looser !!


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