Project 366 2016 – Week Twenty Four

It has been a week where we have mostly been at home but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been eventful.

Sunday saw Eliza and Sebby at a bouncy castle birthday party and we collected a very tired Isaac from his first cub camp. We never did find out what they got up to as he was too tired to answer any questions, but he does want to do the one in the summer so it must have been fun.

This week we have been out in the garden, planting pansies and building a new swing set which all the kids adore. We did think having two swings would stop the fighting but now they argue over which one they want to use!

It was also Heroes’ Day at school and the kids got to go in dressed as a real life hero. Of course Isaac had to be awkward and demanded to go in as a lifeboat man which meant I was off out trying to find a suit. Thankfully we managed to botch one together with clothing loans from friends.

On Thursday we went to see NXT at the Bournemouth International Centre and Isaac and Eliza were very excited about meeting Nakamura and on Saturday we headed in Poole to see the pirate parade for Harry Paye Day which was sadly a real disappointment so we ended up playing on the harbourside.

Here is out week in pictures:

Week 24

163.  Enjoying some party food

164.  Watering the newly planted pansies

165.  Fun on the new swings

166.  Visiting the RNLI to get some bits for Isaac’s costume

167.  All dressed and ready to go for Heroes’ Day

168.  Look what has moved into our garden – we have a Fairy Door and two fairies, Nincompoop and Spit-Spot

169.  Playing by the waterside at Poole Quay

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  1. i think the boys school dressed up for Heroes day last year. Well done for finding them their outfits of choice so fast! Love the names of your fairies – made me chuckle. I look forward to seeing the pansies grow x


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