Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool!

Our children have all swam since they were babies as it is a life skill I think every child should have.

We are now at the stage where they are all confident in the water and it is just Sebby that needs a water aid to swim, although I don’t think it will be long until he can swim completely unaided too.

Before Christmas Isaac had a trial with Bournemouth Swimming Club who are a competitive swimming team associated with the ASA and I am very proud to say that he was accepted and we have now entered the world of competitive swimming training.

He started this week and we have gone from swimming half an hour a week, to two or three hours a week. We were advised to start at two, but he wants to do three so we are seeing how it goes.


So far they are impressed with his technique, in particular his butterfly, however he needs to work on his breaststroke and get the confidence to dive in the pool off the podium – to be fair, I would be nervous of doing that too.

Eliza is back to do doing her mermaid impression and spends most of her time underwater, however she is also progressing well with Individuality Swimming and her target for this term is to achieve her 100m badge.

She was sent a gorgeous Zoggs swimsuit to review over Christmas and she was keen to try it out.

Zoggs Swimsuit

The Junior Girls Rascals Bella Crossback swimsuit is for girls aged 6-15 years and features a fantastic all-over digital print of ‘Rascals’ cartoon characters for a bright and bold swimsuit.

The open back and crossover straps allow for excellent flexibility and freedom of movement in the back and shoulders, making this swimsuit ideal for regular and competitive swimmers and as it is made from Zoggs 100% chlorine proof Aqualastβ„’ fabric with a lifetime guarantee, it is durable, resistant to snagging and offers excellent shape retention.

We also received some pool toys for when we go swimming as a family and I cannot wait to try them out.


Isaac did water polo for a time, but sadly the classes stopped as they were not popular enough, however, now we can practice some of the skills he learned with the Zoggs neoprene pool ball.

Both Isaac and Eliza love diving to the bottom of the pool to retrieve sinkers, so we were also sent some dive balls, which you can throw as far as you can and then dive down ro retrieve and some Clam hunt shells, which we can see who can find first.

As for Sebby, well he went back to Turtle Tots this week and we found our class had grown by one, so the old “baby swimming crew” were back together. Because they all know each other they bounce off each other really well and it made each toddler swim better as they wanted to keep up with their friends which was lovely to watch.

Turtle Tots

I have bought Isaac a lovely pair of Jammers in the Zoggs sale for his swimming sessions and this afternoon I am taking him to our local swim shop to buy the rest of the equipment he needs. I think this may be an expensive hobby!!

Does your child enjoy swimming?

24 thoughts on “Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool!”

  1. Well done to Isaac, and that is such a lovely costume, Eliza has really grown up hasn’t she! I agree swimming is so important – and them being able to swim makes it SO much easier going to the pool as a family – especially when each parent has more than 1 child to keep an eye on.

  2. Well done Isaac! I’ve done the whole competitive swimming thing with my eldest. He progressed all the way to Nationals! Once the competitions starts it really takes over your life in many ways! It was such a fun time for us though so hope you enjoy every second too x

  3. I agree with you swimming is so important it’s not just for fun it could one day save your life. The boys do weekly lessons as well. Well done Isaac for joining Swim Bournemouth it’s a great team I know a few kids who are members.

  4. I admire your children for getting in there and swimming, I’ve never been a strong swimmer and I think Isaac would give me a run for my money!

  5. swimming is an awesome activity for children, specially for growing up! and they have lots of fun so I think you did very well to take them to the swimming classes xx

  6. I agree, swimming is a great life skill. My kids love to go swimming, trouble is for a family of 4 at our swimming bath is not cheep, I would love to take them a few times a week too. They look like they had lots of fun πŸ™‚

  7. What a lovely colourful swimsuit! I’ve really slacked off with the lessons – my son hasn’t had any since the summer (bad Mummy!). I’m taking my daughter along to hers tonight – it’s not always easy to find them a place round here, but you’ve spurred me on to try harder. x

  8. Well done Isaac, that’s a fantastic achievement! I too believe that swimming is not merely a hobby but a like skill and I often joke that I can’t trust an adult who can’t swim and/or swim!

  9. I really need to book Oscar in for some lessons now he’s not afraid of water anymore. I think it’s really important for kids to be able to swim. Stacey learnt at a young age and I’ve never had to overly-worry about her near water because of it πŸ™‚

    Louise x

  10. Hi, Chelsea! It’s a good decision to enroll your kids early in swimming lessons. I myself have regrets because I haven’t learned how to swim (and conquer my fears in the water) up until now. That’s why we enrolled my nieces and nephews in swimming lessons like the ones you have, and they are enjoying it. Well, we haven’t bought pool noodles and other toys yet. We’ll try those soon. Cheers!

  11. It’s really fun to let my kid swim with ‘the baby crew’. My kid loves swimming with his buddies, just like little Sebby. As an overprotective mother, sometimes I am scared to see my kid having a hard time in the water. But with friends, he is enjoying every single minute of it so I think I should just relax and let the instructor do his job.

  12. My baby loves swimming although I am not a good swimmer (but his dad is). She loves the water so much sometimes she doesn’t want to get out of the pool. I always make sure she wears the right clothes so she won’t feel cold as she gets out. And of course, I put my 100% on her since I am an overprotective mother. LOL.


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