Now you are six, Eliza!!

Last week Eliza turned the grand of age of 6 and thoroughly enjoyed her My Little Pony birthday Party.

Eliza is completely outnumbered by boys in our house but she still makes sure that she has a girly influence over the household and is a very strong-willed and determined little thing.

People often ask if bringing up boys and girls is very different and the answer is a resounding yes. Although the boys like different things, there is a running theme of vehicles, gaming, a love of similar TV shows and sliding across rooms on their knees.

Starland dolls

Eliza however brings a love of music, cue a brand new stereo for her bedroom and lots of singing and making up dance routines, her very own style – don’t try and make her wear something she doesn’t want to and a passion for playing with dolls and cuddly toys.

I don’t really remember Abbey playing with her dolls but when Eliza and friends play with them they each seem to have a broad American accent. I can only assume it comes from watching Barbie and My Little Pony on the TV.

Then there is her stubbornness – if she does not want to do something you get a firm ‘No’ and she will stand her ground and then stand her ground some more……….I am dreading the teenage years!


The previous screeching issue we had seems to be calming and has now been replaced by wailing if something doesn’t work and the strops she has if you don’t play a game the way she wants to play can only be described as epic.


It is lovely to see her form her own group of friends and she seems to get on with everyone, boys and girls. Although I would describe her as girly, she does have a tomboy streak and will give her brothers a run for their money by climbing to the highest point of the climbing frame, wanting to spin the fastest on the roundabout and getting the muddiest when we are playing in the forest.

Kingston Maurward

Yes, raising boys and girls is very different, but I would not have it any other way!


7 thoughts on “Now you are six, Eliza!!”

  1. Aww bless her! Happy birthday Eliza and wow – I cannot believe she is 6! I love how her dolls have American accents. It makes me laugh when my kids say things like ‘put it in the trash’ as they can only have got this from the American TV shows they watch!! It’s lovely to read how Eliza makes her mark in a home full of boys! Go Eliza! x

  2. Happy belated 6th birthday Eliza! I hope she had a super lovely birthday.
    I was looking at a picture you posted of her the other day and thought how grown up she looked x
    My son just turned 5 & I cant believe it, where has the time gone?! xx


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