Outdoor events for the whole family

It would be impossible to over-exaggerate the importance of spending time together as a family, and how essential it is for children to be able to enjoy the great outdoors as they get to grips with the world around them. Play, particularly when it’s facilitated outside, is an integral part of every child’s growth and development. Those precious moments spent together, meanwhile, will quickly become your family’s remedy to the pressure of modern living. So, how are you going to spend your time outside?

Head to a festival

There’s something inherently summery about a festival, whether it’s the opportunity to camp, the chance to browse a plethora of weird and wacky stalls, or the moment of sheer joy when you watch your favourite act perform. Heading to a festival is often the highlight of the summer for many people. So, why shouldn’t the kids get in on the act?

Camp Bestival

Over the years, numerous family-friendly festivals have appeared on the scene, and parents are now spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor fun. From the pop party that is Latitude and the eclectic Camp Bestival, to the environmentally friendly Shrewsbury Folk Festival, there’s likely to be a carnival of the arts going on near you soon. Kids of every age will enjoy the colours and spectacle, and the opportunity to try something new.

Camp Bestival 2015

Do a good deed

Who says that spending more time outside shouldn’t be both fun and charitable? If you’re looking to entice your children outside and to engage them in the concept of giving back to others, there has never been a better time to seek out local events that will allow you to do just that. Whether you walk, run, cycle, hop, skip, or jump, there are numerous ways that families can get involved with charities – and spend more quality time together outdoors.

Moors Valley

Many charities, such as Help for Heroes, operate organised fundraising events throughout the year; families can then choose what activities suit them best. For example, Help for Heroes, which aims to support servicemen and women long after they return from military operations, has organised rambles, climbs, cycle rides and extreme sports challenges to take place this year – has there ever been a better time to test your family’s strength of spirit?

Enjoy an outdoor classroom

One of the best things about spending time outside is the opportunity to learn more about the world in which we live, and the animals, birds, and insects that inhabit the environment beyond our front doors. The National Trust plays host to numerous educational events at its properties across the country, many of which are designed with inquisitive young minds at their heart. Children can enjoy short nature rambles, identification afternoons, and pond dipping, learning so much about wildlife without even realising it. There may also be opportunities for den building, arts and crafts, and conservation activities, encouraging little ones to engage with nature. What’s more, adults will be given the chance to update their own knowledge, and to view the great outdoors in a completely new light.

Kingston Lacy Bluebells

Attend a history day

Kids are curious by nature, and so finding outdoors events and activities that are likely to capture their imagination is incredibly important; besides, who doesn’t enjoy learning a few things under the guise of having fun? If you spend a while looking at venues and event spaces close to you, you’re likely to find all manner of history days that will engage little minds – and big minds, too. Battle re-enactments and historical portrayals are usually popular with children eager to watch a story unfold, while such events usually feature all manner of crafts, activities, and stalls that will inspire the whole family. Bosworth Medieval Festival is renowned in such circles, and you could search for local archaeological days, and opportunities to dig for coins and other artefacts.

Kenilworth Castle

If you’d like to find out more about the outdoor events happening in your local area it pays to get online; a quick search should return hundreds of activities in your region, enabling you to head outside for some quality family fun. Children are never too young to embrace the great outdoors, or to discover just how amazing this big old world really is. From our family to yours, have a wonderful time exploring, and enjoying one another’s company.

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