A month of change

This September has seen the biggest change in our household for some time.

Kian has been counting down the days until he leaves for university since he finished his exams back in June and thankfully, he got into his first choice university. On Friday, we took him down to Bristol to move him in to his new accommodation.

Until then, it was easy to take it in our stride that he would be leaving home and we busied ourselves with making sure he was ready for his new life at university.

We helped him pack, raided our cupboards and found him everything he needed to take with him, spent a fortune on the bits we didn’t have and made sure he applied for all other things that students seem to require these days.

We also had to prepare his little brothers and sister for the fact that Kian would be moving out and I am still not sure it has sunk in yet.

Walking to school

We have had two children move out of home so far and both are doing well, with Abbey now a fully fledged grown-up now she is on the property ladder and Callan who has found himself a fabulous new job.

But, it is still a wrench when any child leaves home and we find ourselves having to remember that parenting is all about raising independent and confident children who function well without us parents hovering around them.

Although we have three children still at home, the house feels strange without Kian here, it’s definitely quieter. We keep expecting Kian to come crashing through the door at any moment, raiding the cupboards and looking for food or hearing his alarm (officially the most annoying one ever) waking the family up.

Back to school

Luckily we have heard from him and it sounds like he has a great group of flat mates and is settling in well. Of course, it is only freshers week, so the hard work hasn’t started yet, but I am confident he will be fine!

Then there is Isaac, officially in his final year of primary school. Last week he headed off on his school residential trip to Osmington Bay, near Weymouth. He had an amazing time and even did the “Big Swing” – something I thought he would never do.


The poor thing came home shattered and the next morning had a banding exam for his first choice secondary school and this weekend he has his grammar test and then it will be application central for school placements for September.

Eliza has now moved to year 3 and Sebby to year 1 and both seem to have settled in with their new teachers quickly.

Back in May, Eliza started swimming with her brother at Swim Bournemouth, so we could at least have two children swimming at the same time. Typically, Isaac has now been moved up to swim in County Development and now all three kids have lessons on different days and times again and we have worked out I will be at a pool every day now.

Who said having fewer kids at home was going to be easier?

17 thoughts on “A month of change”

  1. My mum said that to use when we all moved out of our family home, that she forgot she raised independent, confident and don’t need mum/dad type of kids. It must be heart wrenching

  2. Such a big thing having one fly the nest! Glad he’s settling in. My little on is in Year 4 and in his final year before middle school, so he’s off soon to Osmington Bay for his class trip as well. Two nights away – eeek!

  3. You certainly have had alot of changes going on. You must be glad to hear Kian is settling in well. But to be at the pool everyday is a nightmare. My sister and I were in a swim team but always moved up levels around the same time so it wasn’t too bad for our parents x

  4. Kian is going to have such a phenomenal time at uni and will love every day! I’m sure the others will soon get use to him being away and it gives them great opportunities to go visit!
    C x

  5. It sounds like you have been super busy. Good luck with the secondary school applications, we will be doing one for my youngest and have our hearts set on a particular school so we really hope we can get in there.


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