3 Great Family Friendly Activities in London

London is one of the most amazing cities in Europe and it’s one of the greatest summer and winter destinations that someone could choose for holidays. This city is perfect in case you are wanting to visit it with your family as long as there are many great and amazing family-friendly activities. London is a place that both parents and kids are going to love because there are numerous cool things that you can do in London with your children.

The good news is that there is a big variety of free-entering museums, spectacular landmarks, and a lot of entertainment activities to keep your kids and the whole family busy for days, weeks, and even months.

Needless to say that your kids are going to have a good time exploring all the museums, learning new information, and doing fun activities. 

London Eye

In case you are preparing your bags for your holidays in London, have a little break and read below the 3 most fun family-friendly activities in London. 

  • Visit the Natural history museum

One of the most fun and exciting activities that you and your children are going to love is visiting the Natural history museum. This museum is one of the most famous all over London and that’s for many good reasons. First of all, the entrance of the museum is completely free for every visitor. In this museum, your little buddies are going to explore some of the most amazing creatures in history such as the huge blue whale skeleton, fossils of Dinosaurs, and meteorites from space. Needless to say, your children and you are going to see most of the animal species on the planet and you are going to learn all about many natural phenomena.

Natural History Museum
  • Explore all the Harry Potter location

Another really fun activity that your kids are going to love, especially if you are all big fans of Harry Potter movies, is to explore all the locations where the movies took place. One of the most important places, where Harry Potter movies were filmed, is Warner Bros studios. This activity might not be free but it’s really worth it, your children and your inner child are going to be excited while stepping on the authentic sets and discovering the magic behind those special effects.

  • Play crazy golf 

Last but not least, another fun idea that you can do while visiting London is playing crazy golf. The family-friendly crazy golf with plonkgolf.co.uk has to be your first option. In plonk golf, you can find a variety of different and amazing courses or you can design your own. All of them are fancy and the main idea of these courses is to have fun in a colourful environment. Many of these places have arcade games that you can play with your little friends. Of course, delicious food and refreshing drinks can’t miss the menu.

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