How To Involve Your Children At Your Wedding

Although your wedding day is really about you as a couple, if you have children – either between you or from previous relationships – it’s often a nice idea to get them involved in the day as well. This can strengthen your bond and create some wonderful memories for everyone. There are a few different ways to involve your children in your wedding, so keep reading to find out what some of them are. 


Before you make any plans, sit down with your children and talk about the wedding and what it all means. This is especially important if they are quite young, as they might not understand exactly what’s happening, but even older children might want to know why you’ve decided to get married – they might be worried that everything they know is about to change. 

Explain why you’ve made the choice you have and talk about the kinds of decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to planning – this is the ideal time to assign roles and get them involved, which we’ll talk about next. 

Involve Them In Decision-Making 

As we mentioned above, there are many decisions to be made when you’re planning a wedding, and one great way to involve your children is to get their input and ideas as well. When you do this, make sure you respect their opinion even if you’re not going to use their ideas; you want them to feel included from the start. Try to include them in as many different ways as possible, from cake tasting to wedding dress shopping to choosing a fantastic venue, and they’ll definitely feel like a big part of your big day. 

You could also give them specific roles to carry out. The roles you assign will depend on their age and comfort level, but some ideas include them serving as ring bearers, bridesmaids, or even the best man. Perhaps you’ll also ask them to do a reading for you, or maybe their job will be to direct people to their seats. The more they can do, the more involved they’ll feel. 

Creative Involvement 

If there isn’t a job they want to do, or perhaps as well as having a role to play at the wedding, another good idea to get your children involved is to use their creativity. They could make some DIY decorations or write out the invitations, for example, or they might even design their own outfits or the wedding cake – it all depends on what you need and how much free rein you want them to have.

Having children at your wedding gives it a special and happy touch. One fun way to get them involved is to let them help choose the music. Whether it’s choosing a special song or a live band, their input can make the party more memorable. Bands for Hire makes it easy to find the right music because they have a variety of options that can please everyone in the family. It’s a simple but important way to make them feel like they’re a big part of your big day. 

The great thing about this is that their unique contributions will add a wonderful personal touch to the wedding and make them feel proud of how they’ve contributed. 

Kid-Friendly Activities 

During the wedding reception, make sure you organise some kid-friendly activities to keep your children (and any others who might be at the wedding) occupied and entertained. You can create a special play area with some toys, games, and books, for example, or you might go one step further and hire a children’s entertainer (this can be ideal while the speeches are taking place). 

When you make sure your children are engaged and happy, you can relax more and enjoy the day, and your children will have a good time too.

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