George's dinosaur ride

Project 365 2014 – Week 32

I am shattered!

I still haven’t recovered from Camp Bestival and I am desperately trying to get the kids back into a routine.  Kian and Isaac are ok and are sleeping later than ever, but Eliza and Sebastian have their body clocks firmly set at 6am!

It has been a busy week for me work wise too.  Monday was spent doing load after load after load of washing and then I was childminding for the rest of the week.  As the weather was so good we had to make the most of it, and looking at the weather this morning, I am glad we did!

Week 32

215.  Eliza on top of Daddy’s shoulders complete with glowstick, rocking out to Basement Jaxx

216.  When you have learned to pull yourself to standing, it’s all you want to do whilst mummy catches up with housework

217.  Trying to steal Daddy’s cider

218.  Enjoying the Pirate Festival at Upton House

219.  Playing with the WOW toys at Lemur Landings

220.  Isaac tried and tried and tried again to climb the big rock at the beach – he was so proud when he finally did it!

221. A visit to Peppa Pig World means you have to ride George’s Dinosaur!

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