Christmas at Eden Project

Last time we went to the Eden Project was October 2013 and we were really impressed with their activities for the kids and the Room on the Broom displays so I was intrigued to see what they had to offer for Christmas.

We made the decision not to book to see Santa as I have booked to do the Polar Express and I didn’t want to overload the kids with visits to see the big man, plus Eliza doesn’t really like him anyway.

When we arrived it was the same Eden Project we know and love only with a Christmas twist.  The signs all said to come back to the Rainforest Biome after 4pm to see it in all its lit glory so we decided to do it twice.

As we wandered through we found a “Memories Walk” where there were labels we could write messages on for absent friends.  It was such a lovely touch and whilst the teens wrote notes to their Great Grandparents the little ones wrote messages to their friends that they won’t see until after the Christmas break.

Eden Project

With our labels tied to the ropes we carried on walking through the biomes, exploring all the exhibits – Eliza especially loved the clay snowmen and Isaac tried his hand at stretching rubber.

Eden Project Christmas


In the Mediterranean Biome we found a story time area and lots of arts and crafts to make.  I am not sure if it was Isaac, Eliza or Abbey who were having the most fun creating peg reindeer, elf hats and even mouse candy holders.

Eden Project


Once we had finished crafting we stopped for a spot of lunch before heading across to The Core where we found an all new children play area complete with dressing up outfits for the little ones.  They revelled in dressing up as their favourite mini beasts and would have played inside for hours given half the chance.  Thankfully the remembered the huge magnetic wall and wanted to spell their names out too.

Eden Project

Whilst we were in The Core we heard a rumour that Santa’s reindeer had stopped by to refuel so we headed outside to see if we could see them.

We found them above The Core and Isaac made sure he told Blitzen that we were not staying at home this Christmas but that we would be at Coombemill again, so they knew where to deliver his presents.

Eden Project

By now it was getting dark so we headed back towards the Rainforest Biome, stopping briefly to watch the ice skaters whizzing around the ice.

I was expecting to find the Biome sparkling with fairy lights, but what we found was truly moving. As you enter the Biome you are directed to go the opposite way you expect and are welcomed by an actor whom has been shipwrecked here and has to retrieve all the Christmas memories that have spilled out of his cargo ship.

As we walked around there were more actors asking questions about Christmas memories, some singing and others staged wrapping presents.  The kids were delighted when it started to snow and adored making their very own clay snowman which they proudly left on display.

Eden Project


The labels we had written earlier had now been lit with fairy lights and candles were burning behind them too which was a really lovely touch.

Christmas at Eden Project is on until 4th January and if you are nearby it really is worth a visit!

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  1. I adore the Eden project. Ive only been in late summer though, I am very jealous of you seeing the reindeers. Adorable creatures. Even more adorable telling Blitzen you wouldnt be home.

  2. I think christmas is my favourite time to visit the Eden Project. The little extra touches with crafting and the Ice Skating too are wonderful, though the lights in the Tropical Biome and childrens dressing up area are all new this year, lovely to see the changes.


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