Project 365 2014 – Week 49

It has been a challenging week in the Chelseamamma house this week.

Firstly we have has some school issues with Isaac which came to a head on Tuesday and he was sent home from school at lunchtime.  Like most good schools they understand that children develop at different rates and we are working closely with them to try and see what his triggers are. I have been reading the Preshil website for some ideas on how to help him too. It does seem that it was the shock tactic he needed as he seems to be a changed boy since and even came home with the class teddy on Friday for turning it around and being a superstar.

The rest of the week has all been about the school fayre and I have been busy collecting prizes for the raffle and help decorate and organise the event.  Thankfully it was a hit and we raised lots of money to help rejuvenate the school playground.

Here is my week in pictures:

week 49


333.  Sebastian’s buggy had sticky wheels and I actually managed to fix it.  We took Sebby out for a test drive and he promptly fell asleep.

334.  Eating a Frollipop at swimming

335.  Scrunching through leaves on the way home from school

336.  Playtime at the beach whilst mummy was picking up raffle prizes

337.  Santa’s Grotto at the school taking shape

338.  Swimming lessons with Sebby

339.  Off to dance class

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