Halloween at Disneyland Paris

We have been lucky enough to visit Disneyland Paris twice before, once for Hubby’s 30th birthday back in 2003 and again for Isaac’s 5th birthday in 2013.

Both times were in spring / summer and we have been hoping to return to see the park transformed for either Halloween or Christmas.

During October half term, we spent the week with Al Fresco Holidays at their fabulous park La Croix du Vieux Pont, which is the perfect base for day trips to Paris and Disneyland.

We spent the first couple of days relaxing on the site and exploring Paris and made sure a trip to Disneyland wasn’t on the kids radar before, despite buying tickets before we left the UK. We told them we were off to visit a castle and made the 90 journey without any suspicions.


It was Sebby that spotted the Disney Castle first and the excitement in the car was electric as we headed inside the gates to park.

We have previously stayed at Disney hotels on previous visits, so mistakenly parked at the back of the carpark on the first day of our visit – definitely try to get closer to the entrance as it’s a good 15 minute walk from the car park, although the kids loved riding the travelators.


We purchased 2 day tickets to Disneyland Paris, which allowed us to spend a day in each park and the Magic Kingdom was our first stop.

Disney Halloween

Disney go all out on Halloween, with decorations throughout the square and along Main Street.

Disneyland Halloween

The kids adored being able to pose with various displays, as well as seeing witches hat lights and pumpkin decorations.

Disneyland Paris Halloween

In fact, you saw something new every time you walked along it.

Mummy Disney

Isaac and Eliza were keen to introduce Sebastian to the magic of Disneyland, starting with the castle and its resident dragon.

Magic Kingdom

We were delighted that some of the infamous Disney villains had decided to pay a visit to the park for the Halloween celebrations too.


The cheeky villains couldn’t resist a chance to perform a spectral spectacular in a spooky show at the royal Castle Stage.


I think Donald stole the show though!

Donald Duck

The Halloween Cavalcade was also not to be missed with Disney Characters parading along the streets of Disneyland in their eye-popping Halloween attire.

Disney Halloween Parade

As well as the Halloween parade there was also the 25th Anniversary Parade which is filled to bursting point with characters from all your favourite Disney films.


Some of the characters danced along the street, greeting their adoring fans, whilst others sat and waved from huge, impressive floats.

Disney Parade

Maleficent’s dragon even breathed fire!


Ride wise, nothing has really changed since our last visit with the exception of the rebranding of space mountain to Star Wars: Hyperspace Mountain.

Space Mountain

The rides the kids loved the most were ‘It’s a Small World’, ‘Star Tours: The Adventure Continues’ and ‘Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast’ and we managed to fit in a good number, despite queues of around 40 minutes each.

Buzz Lightyear

We arrived at the park at 10am for opening and stayed right until the firework finale which started at 10pm, so it was a long day, especially for the kids.

Castle Disney

It was gone 11pm by the time we made it back to the car, but the kids were still buzzing from everything they had seen.


We did enjoy a very quiet journey back to the campsite as they all slept well on the way back.

We purchased 2-day tickets to Disneyland Paris through Picniq as they had the best deal at the time, plus we earned 5.25% through Top Cashback, which allowed us to spend a day in each park and the Magic Kingdom was our first stop, but it is worth shopping around as these deals change all the time.

Keep your eyes on the blog for our experience at Hollywood Studios soon……..

Have you been to Disneyland Paris?


Exploring #SpookySeas at Weymouth Sealife Centre

Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park has turned the spotlight on scary critters of the deep this Halloween.

As well as meeting creepy spider crabs, batfish, ghost knifefish and other appropriately named creatures, we got to find lettered pumpkins that told us that humans who are the real monsters! (Sssshhhh I may have given you the answer to the challenge there).

The Park’s special package of fright-fest’ entertainment is on now until Sunday 30th October and also highlights the horrors that pollution, over-fishing and other human follies are inflicting on the marine world.


Of course there is lots of fishy fun too, plus spooky fact finding, lantern making, scary crafts and fancy dress.

Spooky Seas at Weymouth Sealife Centre

For a small extra charge (£3 pp), you can meet Weymouth Sealife Centre’s resident witch, Zelda.

Hubble bubble toil and trouble……. enter the Enchanted Cabin set among the Wetlands, where you get to find the ingredients to help Zelda make spooky and ghoulish potions to help cure her sister from a terrible illness, before she makes you your very own potion to take away. What potion would you choose?


Once you have drunk your magic slushy potion, you are brave enough enjoy the rest of the park including some scary and not so scary rides!

Exploring #SpookySeas at Weymouth Sealife Centre

Separate tickets apply for the magical experience with Zelda and to secure your place at the cauldron, book now at sealifeweymouth.com

HOWL’O’WEEN at Chessington

We have Merlin Annual passes and over the half term holidays we had planned to visit to Chessington, Legoland and Thorpe Park during the week but illness conspired against us and we were confined to home for four days.

By Saturday it was clear that everyone was on the mend but we had tickets to a local Halloween event so decided we would head to Chessington on the Sunday. There was a “yellow cloud of doom” weather warning for fog, but we were confident it would burn off by lunch time – it didn’t but that really added to the atmosphere.

We arrived at 11am and the first thing we spotted was Trick or Treat Wood. We walked straight in and was quickly met with a strange gentleman that blocked our path. It was here the path split into two and he had to decide who to send down which path. The rowdy older children that raced in behind us were sent down the “trick” path but he decided we were good and should take the “treat” path. Here we met the good fairy who we helped to make invisible fairy dust and faun who taught us a very special dance before walking past the bewitching tree to earn our treat. Each children got a packet of Bear fruit snacks.


As we emerged from the trick or treat wood we spotted a commotion going on in the water and headed over to see what was going on. The Sealions were racing about, performing tricks and it was almost time for their show, so we hung around to see it. The show had a Halloween theme and it was brilliant fun watching the Sealions hiding behind their flippers and leaping out of the water.


Just by Sealion bay are the Creepy Caves where the kids spotted reptiles, snakes and creepy crawlies, including pythons, tarantulas, frogs and even caterpillars!


The kids loved spotting all the animals so we continued around the zoo and were quite surprised that all the animals were out in the dreary weather. We headed into the Sealife area too, which we haven’t been to at Chessington before and was pleasantly surprised by the size of it.


There is a brand new walk-through enclosure to see the Penguins but sadly they were not interested in coming over to say hello, so we headed over to the petting area instead.


Possibly the kids favourite part of the zoo was the AMAZU Treetop Adventure where they got play amongst real life monkeys and other amazing animals as they followed the adventure trail. It was quite un-nerving having a Saki jump over your head though.


The live show ‘Operation Cheesy Dibbles’ was also a huge success and had the kids up and dancing along with their favourite Penguin characters. Isaac was also brave enough to feed the Rainbow Lorikeets although they weren’t very interested in food because of the weather.


I think this is the first time we have ever been to a theme park and not done any of the big rides. I had wanted to do Dragon’s Fury but one look watching the whole track wobble as the car went around put even Kian off from wanting to try it. We did however do some of the smaller kids rides.


We did find some of the rides were closed that we may have tried, such as Tomb Blaster however it didn’t spoil the day and everything we went on had no queues at all.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall