Go Ape

Project 366 2016 – Week Eleven

Only one week to go before the kids break up for the Easter holidays and excitement levels are picking up already.

The week started with a trip to Thorpe Park and the teens had a blast on all the adrenalin rides whilst I got soaked on the rapids and stormsurge thanks to my brood.

Thankfully the kids all appear to be better this week with no lurgy’s hanging around but we did have a scissor incident this week with Eliza cutting chunks out of her hair. An emergency hairdresser trip later and she has had 3″ cut from her hair and layers put through to try and mask the shortest bit. I don’t think she will be doing that again!

This week has also been dry and the bog, formally known as the garden, was dry enough to be mowed. The kids love being able to play outside with their toys again.

On Wednesday Hubby and I got out for the evening to a quiz night with friends. The quiz was super hard and we thought we would come last but we actually came second which was a nice surprise and on Thursday I headed to Weymouth Sealife Centre with Sebby where the Penguins delighted him by following his finger on the glass.

On Friday the older ones and I headed to Splashdown to try out their new spacebowl ride. It was great fun, even though I came out of it head first. Hubby didn’t ease me in gently and put me on the fastest slide first – revenge will be mine!

Saturday saw us heading to Go Ape and instead of spectating like I normally do I took part. It was great fun, apart from the nets as I have no upper body strength, but I ache in places I had forgotten existed today!

Here is my week in pictures:

Week 11

72. Waving to the teens at Thorpe Park as they swung over

73.  Racing home from school

74.  New haircut

75.  Playing in the garden

76.  Penguin spotting

77.  On the rubber rings at splashdown

78.  10m in the air, concentrating on getting across, but I did it!

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